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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to start seeing improvement in my Spanish skills?

Most people start to see results by the end of their first complete cycle of membership. Now, keep in mind - you get out of the membership exactly what you put in - so a #SpanishSquad member who practices, communicates, and actively participates will see MUCH BETTER results than one who passively hangs out with us and simply receives information or downloads activities but doesn’t integrate or apply them to their life.

Will I be fluent in Spanish after joining this membership?

Fluency truly depends on the person. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer for this. It all depends on your level of dedication, practice, and mindset. The Everyday Español Membership is an amazing way to keep up with your Spanish practice, hone your skills, and participate in meaningful conversation practice as often as you'd like.

What if I need more Spanish practice?

You can enroll in personalized Language Coaching sessions with yours, truly. Typically, by the end of the first set of private coaching sessions, (if completed with a high level of commitment and practice) people are able to have a brief conversation in Spanish and feel confident to do so.

Other questions?

Feel free to email me directly at